Naturally with any service you will have plenty of questions that you want answered. Below you will find answers to the most popular questions that are frequently asked. If you have other questions, which haven't been answered, please feel free to make contact and we will answer them as best we can.

Who are the writers? 

Our team includes experienced writers with years of experience of the City, Fleet Street and trade publishing as well writers from some of the largest law and accounting firms and professional bodies in the UK. With the breadth of experience, there aren't many subjects, apart from your core area, that we cannot cover.

Why can't I see any of the features here? 

Because we syndicate features, but to non competing magazines, we tightly control access to the features themselves. Each feature has a reference number and before it is sent out to a magazine that number is searched against to see where else it has been. To allow free, albeit paid for access, to the features would defeat the protection accorded to all of our clients.

What is the copyright position of any features bought? 

Again, because we syndicate to non competing magazines, we cannot assign copyright. Indeed, we do not possess the copyright, that stays with the authors. However, we do assure every client that once the article is accepted, and subsequently paid for, no other competing magazine will see that article again...unless they read the magazine that bought the article.

Can you alter the features for us? 

Yes. It's never a question of 'here it is, take it or leave it'. We are happy to do what ever you want - lengthening, shortening, adding panels, seeking quotes and adding sources of information etc. There is no extra charge for any of this.

Am I able to edit the feature? 

You are welcome to edit a feature as you see fit. We endeavour to send material out in a word perfect state. Naturally we cannot control any editing you may carry out and so we cannot be held liable for changes you may make. 

Do I have to send proofs before I publish? 

Only if you want to. By all means send them through and they will be read, checked and returned as fast as possible, time and circumstances permitting.

What if I need a feature quickly? 

We have several hundred features on file that can be sent, subject to their availability in your market sector, by return of email in minutes.

What are my commitments? 

There are no commitments if you want to view a stock feature with a view to buying it. Just call for the feature, and if it is available for your sector, it will be sent. Then it's up to you to decide if you like it or not, or if it needs changes. If you don't like it, just delete it and let us know. If you want changes, tell us how you want it altered and it shall be done. If you want a piece written specifically for you, then the article will need to be paid for irrespective of use. Obviously if this does not apply if it is of an unreasonably poor standard. But if the piece needs refining to meet your needs, we will make the changes you need until you are happy.

What are your rates? 

There is no set rate because we work on the standard freelance rate of the magazine concerned. This follows from the syndication of material to non competing titles which allows us to spread the cost of writing and selling over multiple sales of a feature. We earn a reasonable income while you get a feature at your standard feature rate.

Are there any hidden extras? 

Absolutely not. We agree with you a rate - either by the word or for the piece - for a feature and that is it. The only time there might be an extra cost is if, for example, it would not be reasonable to expect a writer to absorb the cost of phone calls to (say) overseas destinations. If this is going to happen, we will agree this beforehand so that you are not hit with any surprise bills. 

Do you supply - and charge - for pictures? 

Generally we only supply the text for a feature. There are occasions when we can get hold of and can supply pictures. If there is no charge to us, then there is no charge of any kind to you. Again, if there is likely to be a charge, we will agree this with you before any commitment is made. 

What are your payment terms? 

Our terms are 30 days from date of publication, unless of course, the feature is commissioned in which case a spiked feature will still need to be paid for 30 days from submission.

Is there a charge to reuse features? 

Once a feature has been paid for by a magazine, then that magazine can reuse it in print, on CD/DVD or online, without further charge. Should another magazine within the publishing house, or elsewhere, want to reuse the feature then a separate charge, to be agreed, will be due. Similarly, if the feature is resold, in print, on CD/DVD or online, then another agreed reuse fee will become payable.